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The PCS is a professional association of communication practitioners, academics, scholars, and researchers whose goal is to promote communication as a professional discipline in the sciences. It aims to use communication as a resource for national development and a tool for peace, solidarity, and understanding and encourage cooperative relationships with national and international organizations.

PCS represents the communication profession in the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC), a non-stock, non-sectarian, non-profit, non-government organization of professional social science associations geared towards the consolidation of Philippine social science resources.

PCS is the umbrella organization for all Communication-related organizations. It conducts and co-convenes forums and conferences for communication educators and students and media practitioners.

Its operations are being managed by fifteen trustees who comprise its working Board of Directors (BOD).

It publishes the PCS Review, an annual research journal.

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A society that advances ethical and effective communication, bridges social divides, and shapes futures.


The foremost organization representing the fields of communication and media in the academe and professions, generating knowledge and championing social justice.

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