2021 Events

National Forum on Communication and Democracy: PHILIPPINE ELECTIONS 2022
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Aug 11 2021

Game of Trolls

This webinar seeks to provide the public with accurate knowledge and information on troll farming. The webinar also seeks to enlighten and provide them with an educated discourse on the perils of social media utilization especially in times of elections. At the end of the webinar, the participants would have captured the salient facts on trolls and troll farming, and have analyzed the importance of these issues to serve as their guide in political-decision making in the upcoming polls in 2022. 

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November 10, 2021

Truth well told:
Political PR & Advertising

Even before election campaigning has begun, the matter of delivering true, honest, and accurate profiles on candidates and on their plans has become crucial. That’s because – this early -- there have been a great number of dishonest, fraudulent, exaggerated, misleading, and even offensive messages that have characterized social media. Even the truth about survey findings on who are leading in approval ratings have become doubtful due to high-tech interventions that are not ethical.


Therefore, this Webinar has become very timely and sharply relevant, and PCS has invited resource persons to underscore the need for propagating truth in publicity and advertising materials. This Forum will, therefore, bring to public awareness the extreme necessity to insist on the truth in communication messages. 

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Sep 8 2021

Youth Vote in Focus: What Gen Z Voters Really Want

This webinar is targeted mainly at youths in particular, as well as groups, organizations, entities focusing on the youth sector in general.With the filing of candidacies in October 2021, and its eventual campaign period leading to the voting stations in May 2022, the power of the youths to steer a national consensus of who will lead the country is very crucial.In this webinar, the resource speakers will talk about the youth’s participation every election season, as well as their responsibilities and obligation to be part of the Philippine citizenry.This will also serve as a platform as a guide for youth participants, and even for educators and organizations, to form a checklist or set of reminders in engaging in political discourses in the communities.

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Oct 13 2021

Campaign Dynamics During the Pandemic

This webinar is intended to kick up discussions highlighting the campaign dynamics in the middle of facing Covid-19 challenges. With face-to-face campaigning almost impossible, how will political strategists manage their clients and candidates, during the campaign period, presenting platforms, and sending key messages to the voters? What kinds of pivots
will be utilized, and how will this affect turnout of voters, contributing to a successful campaign?