A Roundtable Discussion

Over-entertained, under-informed

National Forum on Communication and Democracy: Philippine Elections 2022

January 12, 2022, Wednesday, 12NN


Campaign jingles, song and dance, celebrity endorsers—these are all too familiar to the Filipino voter. It seems that entertainment is becoming nearly synonymous to electoral campaigning. But with the thicket of election posters mixed with showbiz buzz and candidates’ catchy songs to woo the crowds, are Filipinos politically literate enough to tell popularity and credibility apart?


Voters who are “politically literate,” said Dr. Dante Velasco, chairman of the PCS webinar series, must be able to distinguish between the chaff and the grain, from the trivial or flippant to the substantial and serious. Only then can they make wise decisions on issues raised during this election season.


Velasco urges media not to lose sight of the goal to deliver information, even as they use entertainment to deliver it, while voters should steer clear of entertainment and trivialities and therefore be able to separate the chaff from the grain. In short, get the hard news from “infotainment” used to grab and hold public attention.

“Over-entertained, under-informed: Are we politically literate?” will be the sixth webinar under the National Forum on Communication and Democracy: Philippine Elections 2022 series, organized by the Philippines Communication Society (PCS) in cooperation with the University of the Philippines’ Internet TV Network, TVUP.


The webinar and online forum, to be moderated by Kara David of GMA News, will be held via Zoom and broadcast live on the Facebook pages of PCS and TVUP and on TVUP’s YouTube channel at 12 noon on January 12, 2022.

Are we politically literate?