A Roundtable Discussion

Sakto o Tsamba!

National Forum on Communication and Democracy: Philippine Elections 2022

December 8, 2021, Wed., 9:00 AM

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Only seven months before the Presidential elections in May 2022, probable winners are already being predicted by a number of well-known and not-so-well known research and survey companies. How credible and reliable are these research findings? Can surveying the pulse and mood of the nation lead to informed choices by the voting public? Or do they contribute to “trending” topics – making research an unwitting tool in priming certain candidates’ chances? 

Join us in an exciting roundtable discussion on December 8, 2021, Wednesday, 9am to 12nn via Zoom (and also streamed through this Facebook page and TVUP's YouTube Channel). This is the fifth offering of the Philippines Communication Society (PCS) in its National Forum of Elections and Democracy. #PCSForumSeries

Political Surveys: Informing or Priming?