A Roundtable Discussion

Truth well told

National Forum on Communication and Democracy: Philippine Elections 2022

November 10, 2021, Wed., 9:00 AM

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Even before election campaigning has begun, the matter of delivering true, honest, and accurate profiles on candidates and on their plans has become crucial. That’s because – this early -- there have been a great number of dishonest, fraudulent, exaggerated, misleading, and even offensive messages that have characterized social media. Even the truth about survey findings on who are leading in approval ratings have become doubtful due to high-tech interventions that are not ethical.


Therefore, this Webinar has become very timely and sharply relevant, and PCS has invited resource persons to underscore the need for propagating truth in publicity and advertising materials. This Forum will, therefore, bring to public awareness the extreme necessity to insist on the truth in communication messages. 

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